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Constructing New Possibilities

Reno thrives on tourism.  With the attraction of legal gambling, a vibrant night life, and a rich year-long festival circuit, people come from all over the world to experience the Biggest Little City.  Nevada is also unique because of counties that offer legal prostitution in regulated brothels.

We live in a tourist-and-service-based town.  And when people come to visit they want to be entertained.  As one looks around at adult entertainment billboards and scantly clad casino entertainers and service providers, it is obvious that selling of sex and sensuality are a part of the Northern Nevada experience.  It has resulted in an array of legal strip clubs, brothels, phone/internet sex sites, and pornography.  Unfortunately, as a tourist destination, it has also become a site for human sex trafficking.  The legal, illegal, and exploitative aspects to the trade are thriving in our community.

While the political climate surrounding the Adult Entertainment and Sex Industry is full of debate - including morality, legality, economic impact and value - the lives of the women WORKING the industry has been tragically neglected.  The very debate that aims to better the lives working the industry has resulted in isolation, marginalization and an inability to live authentically.

But we have not forgotten these women.  And they are important to us.

People Builders is here to serve the lives of the women working the adult entertainment and sex industry in Northern Nevada.  We do not judge - we simply construct new possibilities.

People Builders offers mental health wellness services, community partnerships, and industry research.

Live Authentically.  Pursue Greatness.  Take Action.

Here at People Builders we believe that sex industry workers are competent and capable people that are insightful, courageous, and hopeful.  We believe that all people have the right to live authentically, aspire to human greatness, and the responsibility to take socially just action - adult entertainers and sex industry works have the same rights and responsibilities.

AE and SI workers do not live in the margins here.  Here, they are at the front and center of all that we do.  Here, there is no need to live in isolation or secrecy.

We understand that the varied categories of the adult entertainment and sex industry are not all the same.  We differentiate between them.  We also know that involvement in the legal, illegal, or exploitative nature of the business uniquely affects women’s experiences.





















A Message to Adult Entertainers and Sex Industry Workers

People Builders offers a family of participants, providers, and community allies working together to help you feel seen, heard, protected and supported.  We help you take control of your life, and create a healthy, happy and productive existence while developing a hopeful and bright future for yourself and your family.

You may be a former SI worker.  You may be a current SI worker.  You may be a sex trafficking victim.  You may want an exit strategy.  Or you may want to stay working the industry.  We simply offer support services specifically to workers like you, regardless of your industry involvement.

We will not judge you.  And we accept you as you are. 

Our providers have the courage to listen, to empower you to authentically voice your experience, to embrace your personal greatness and to inspire you to take responsible action in your life.  What do you want to change and experience in your life?  The possibilities are limitless!

Please take a moment to explore our website.  You can learn more about our program philosophies and values by reading “About Us”.  You can also check out our “Services” page for our program offerings.